Thursday, 10 March 2011

A New Start

Everyone has a blog nowadays.

I have a decluttering blog which is basically a numbered list of items, not exactly riveting stuff! Don't get your hopes up, this probably won't be either. It will just be my witterings about knitting, card-making and my humdrum life :)

OTN (on the needles) : Baby Sophisticate

I'm knitting this for my friend R, who is due to give birth in April. They don't know the gender so I'm making it in a rather fetching racing green. I hate pastels, I don't see why we should inflict them on babies!

R was born prematurely and is very tall and thin, with very slim feet. I had no idea that premature babies were any different from full-term babies, just that they needed extra medical help for the first few months of life. I was very wrong. But R's baby is going to be full-term at this rate, although mum-to-be is suffering terribly from SPD due to her wonky gait. Her baby shower is on the 19th, I've not been to one before, very excited :)

I'm known as the knitter so I have to knit something for the baby! I was going to make a hoodie but all the seaming put me off, and I couldn't make yet ANOTHER tomten! I hope she likes the baby sophisticate sweater, I'm worried it's too boyish. But then a lot of baby patterns I like are girly, plus she's hoping for a boy so it should all work out.........fingers crossed.

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