Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Major Spring Clean

I've been really upset about my Granny over the last few weeks. But one good thing that has happened is that it's made me want to clear out our house big time! Clearing out her house is going to be a huge job, everything she owns seems to be beautiful or functional though. Something I aspire to, and I want my house to be lovely and tidy and fit for the things I have inherited from her to live in!

The amount of 'stuff' that people accumulate over their lifetime is mad, and we have so much stuff that our house is never ever tidy and I'm ashamed to have people over.

So the huge declutter begins and this time it's personal! I've tried this many times before but now I'm being really ruthless :)

Any tips? xx

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Nobody knows but you, my dear

My granny passed away on Monday 9th May at approx 11pm. It was a huge shock and I'm so upset about it, it's hard to type this.

The above phrase is what she used to say if you answered "I don't know" to her questions :)

The funeral is on Monday 23rd May, I'll have missed almost 3 weeks off work but will try to go in after the funeral to show my face before half term!

I had been telling her about the BSJ because she had a cutting of it from a knitting magazine. The magazine must have been from the 80s or 90s. I was going to knit it and see if she could work out how to make it into a sweater :) I finished it but can't bring myself to seam it up just yet. I'm thinking of taking it with me to the funeral home to show her.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

I've also been photographing some old FOs and some stash to fill in those big white gaps on Ravelry.

AAaaaaah that's better :)

2 FOs!

Today I've been sitting in the conservatory doing some seaming and weaving in ends. Oh so boring but so satisfying when you have something completely finished :)

Baby Sophisticate II and Sophie's Summer Sweater are finished. Yay!

The Baby Sophisticate was great, as was the first as I used the same yarn. I will probably make more in the future when the need arises.

Sophie's Summer sweater was pretty boring to knit, all st st with a few eyelets in there. The yarn was Sirdar Juicy and very splitty (bamboo-cotton mix with about 12 plies). Near impossible to seam up the sweater using the yarn because the plies would separate and bunch up when I tried to pull the needle through. So I had to resort to thread to seam it up which worked quite well.

On a positive note, this seaming experience gave me the push I needed to make me book a finishing class at Knit Nation in July! :) I'm very scared because I'm really quite shy but I've been assured that all knitters are lovely and welcoming so I'm sure I will have a great time.