Thursday, 5 May 2011

2 FOs!

Today I've been sitting in the conservatory doing some seaming and weaving in ends. Oh so boring but so satisfying when you have something completely finished :)

Baby Sophisticate II and Sophie's Summer Sweater are finished. Yay!

The Baby Sophisticate was great, as was the first as I used the same yarn. I will probably make more in the future when the need arises.

Sophie's Summer sweater was pretty boring to knit, all st st with a few eyelets in there. The yarn was Sirdar Juicy and very splitty (bamboo-cotton mix with about 12 plies). Near impossible to seam up the sweater using the yarn because the plies would separate and bunch up when I tried to pull the needle through. So I had to resort to thread to seam it up which worked quite well.

On a positive note, this seaming experience gave me the push I needed to make me book a finishing class at Knit Nation in July! :) I'm very scared because I'm really quite shy but I've been assured that all knitters are lovely and welcoming so I'm sure I will have a great time.

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