Thursday, 8 September 2011

My First Sewing FO!

So I inherited a Bernina sewing machine from my Granny. I have been meaning to use it for the last couple of months but the summer holidays were over too quickly. Plus DH was hogging the conservatory where the sewing machine lives because it has the best natural light.

I was given Sew What! Bags by Lexie Barnes for my birthday and decided to make the zippered wristlet from this book. After a disastrous first attempt, I realised that this project was a 'pro' project rather than a 'newbie' project. Trust me to rush in!

I threw my little disaster across the room in disgust and started again from scratch, this time I had a lot more success except that I got my lining and exterior fabric mixed up so my finished wristlet is not I envisioned but hey I did it! :)


  1. I have that book, and I love it! And no pictures? ;)

  2. It's a great book :) I'm sorry I'll have to post some pics today of my FOs so far!