Friday, 29 June 2012

FO Friday - Puerperium Cardigan

I have completed the little cardi. I really like the colours, I seem to have an aversion to blue and pink for children!

I posted a picture of the half-finished cardi on my facebook page to ask my cousin if she liked the colours (she did!). This resulted in a commission for a second sweater from a friend of mine who has just become a great-uncle. He is paying and is very enthusiastic so that makes up for the extra knitting :) I ordered some pineapple ceramic buttons from eBay because the colours looked perfect. Unfortunately they had sharp pointy bits! I didn't think this was suitable for newborns so I got out my trusty pliers and mutilated modified the buttons.

Button before

Eek! Spiky!

I was pleased with the result and now had some rather rustic but handsome oval buttons to sew to the cardi. Now to finish the other one for my cousin.......

Hopefully it isn't noticeable unless you know!


  1. It looks really awesome. That buttons look good and you can't tell you modified them XD

  2. Such a sweet sweater. I think your cousin will love it!

  3. Lovely. I've got the same aversion to baby colours and I'm knitting a taupe and orange cardi for my great niece! The buttons look perfect :)

  4. What a cute cardigan! It's so fun!