Wednesday, 13 June 2012

WIPW - Baby Bright!

I said that I was craving a bright project and I wasn't lying! I am knitting the Puerperium Cardigan by Kelly Brooker in a bright yellow variegated colourway of Isis. It is really small, so I don't know how practical it will actually be for my cousin who is expecting a baby in August. Her husband is 6'2"...and all babies seems to grow so quickly and never fit into the correct clothes for their age. I've heard of so many new parents buying newborn sized clothing for their babies and not being able to use it due to the size of their mammoth offspring :) Why don't the clothes companies just change the labelling?

But I do really love the colours. The yarn is a bit stiff and unyielding as you'd expect from cotton and I wonder if I'm knitting tighter than usual as I try not to let any loose plies poke out of the knitting.

What is pure cotton yarn actually practical for anyway apart from washcloths? I think this is why I've sold or swapped most of the cotton in my stash!

So ickle!


  1. The color is pretty, I hate using cotton though; it is always a bear to knit with in my opinion too.

  2. It looks great in that colour Ellie. I've also had a bit of a craving for yellow and orange! Must be the weather making us need something brighter? Even though its a small cardigan it will be really handy to have something to fit properly when they're first born, saves sleeves being folded up :)